National Taiwan Normal University Course Outline
Spring , 2024

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I.Course information
Serial No. 1337 Course Level Master
Course Code IWM0084 Chinese Course Name 領導與人才發展實務研究
Course Name Leadership and Talent Development Practices
Department Graduate Institute of International Human Resource Development
Two/one semester 1 Req. / Sel. Sel.
Credits 3.0 Lecturing hours Lecture hours: 3
Prerequisite Course ◎1. This course is not available for undergraduate students. 2. If the listed course is a doctoral level course, it is only available for PhD students.
Course Description
Day & Class Period/Location Tue. 7-9 Main Art Museum 602
Curriculum Goals Corresponding to the Departmental Core Goal
1. Unlock the potential of leadership and talent development knowledge Master:
 1-2 Knowledge of Human Resource Theories and Practical Applications
2. Enrich the capability to facilitate leadership and talent development effectiveness Master:
 2-1 Professional Skills of Recruitment, Selection, Training, Staffing, Retention, and Organizational Development
3. Increase confidence and passion for developing leadership and talent. Master:
 3-1 Passion for Developing Human Resource Profession

II. General Syllabus
Instructor(s) HSI,Yung-Ming/ 奚永明

Week 1 (2/20): 1. Leadership and Talent Development Overview

Week 2 (2/27): 2. Action Learning and Peer Coaching

Week 3 (3/5): 3. Enterprise Training Practices

Week 4 (3/12): 4. Talent Pipeline and Succession Planning

Week 5 (3/19): 5. Talent Potential

Week 6 (3/26): 6. Assessment Center

Week 7 (4/2): 7. Mentoring and Coaching

Week 8 (4/9): 8. Midterm Presentation

Week 9 (4/16): 9. Performance Management

Week 10 (4/23): 10. Situational Leadership

Week 11 (4/30): 11. Leading Team

Week 12 (5/7): 12. Leading Change

Week 13 (5/14): 13. Leadership Judgement

Week 14 (5/21): 14. Risk Management

Week 15 (5/28): 15.Engagement

Week 16 (6/4): Final Presentation

Instructional Approach
Methods Notes
Formal lecture Will talk about leadership and talent development related know-hows and practices.
Group discussion Will apply various format of group discussions in the course.
Problem-based learning Will use action learning approach to experience leadership competencies development.
Cooperative learning Will have team work on assignment
Grading assessment
Methods Percentage Notes
Assignments 20 %  
Class discussion involvement 20 %  
Presentation 60 % Midterm report: 30%; Final report: 30%
Required and Recommended Texts/Readings with References

Recommended Readings:
1. The Center for Creative Leadership Handbook of Leadership
Development, Third Edition 3rd Edition, Edited by Ellen Van
Velsor  ,  Cynthia D. McCauley  ,  Marian N. Ruderman , Mar. 2010
2. The Leadership Pipeline: How to Build the Leadership Powered
Company, 2 nd Edition, Ram Charan, Stephen Drotter, James
Noel, Mar. 2010
3. Leadership At Scale: Better leadership, better results, Claudio
Feser, Michael Rennie, Nicolai Nielsen, Oct. 2019

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