National Taiwan Normal University Course Outline
Spring , 2024

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I.Course information
Serial No. 1292 Course Level Master
Course Code ETM0037 Chinese Course Name 基礎拉丁文
Course Name Basic Latin
Department Graduate Institute of European Cultures and Tourism
Two/one semester 1 Req. / Sel. Req.
Credits 3.0 Lecturing hours Lecture hours: 3
Prerequisite Course ◎1. This is a cross-level course and is available for junior and senior undergraduate students, master's students and PhD students. 2. If the listed course is a doctroal level course, it is only available for master's students and PhD students.
Course Description
Day & Class Period/Location Fri. 7-9 Main R404
Curriculum Goals Corresponding to the Departmental Core Goal
1. Understand the origin and relationship of European culture from Latin culture and language Master:
 1-1 To understand European multi-culture and its reality in depth
2. Understand the relation between European languages from Latin Master:
 1-3 To have multi-lingual ability to communicate as well as conduct research
3. Know how to value and explore the meaning of European academic terms in Latin Master:
 3-1 To have the academic capability to research European culture in depth
4. Understand the historical context of European cultural diversity Master:
 3-3 To have an international vision and cultivated personality
5. Learn about the way and attitude of life in ancient Europe Master:
 4-1 To be willing to experience the lifestyles of different cultures
6. Know and appreciate Roman civilization and understand its connection with modern Europe Master:
 4-3 To be able to appreciate beauty and to care societies

II. General Syllabus
Instructor(s) CHEN, Hsueh-I/ 陳學毅





4.課文翻譯mercator、第一格與第四格 I

5.課文翻譯in triclinio、第一格與第四格 II

6.課文翻譯in foro, pictor、第一、二、三類名詞變化I

7.課文翻譯tonsor, venalicius、第一、二、三類名詞變化II



10.課文翻譯in basilica、動詞變化,人稱代名詞II

11.課文翻譯actores、 單數與複數I



14.課文翻譯felix et fur、現在、過去、現在完成式II

15.課文翻譯fabula mirabilis、無人稱代名詞句法

16.課文翻譯decens, post cenam、現在、現在完成式I

17.課文翻譯animal ferox, Metella et Melissa、現在、現在完成式II




1. Latin pronunciation, simple Latin sentences

2. Familia, Latin sentences, verb conjugation I

3. Familia, Latin sentences, verb conjugation II

4. In villa, mercator, noun, nominative and accusative case I

5. In villa, in triclinio, noun, nominative and accusative case II

6. Negotium, in foro, pictor, noun, first, second, third declension I

7. Negotium, tonsor, venalicius, noun, first, second, third declension II

8. In foro, Hermogenes, verb conjugation, ego, tu I

9. Midterm Exam

10. In foro, in basilica, verb conjugation, ego, tu II

11. In theatro, actores, singular and plural forms I

12. In theatro, poppaea, singular and plural forms II

13. Felix, pugna, present, imperfect, perfect I

14. Felix, Felix et fur, present, imperfect, perfect II

15. Cena, fabula mirabilis, expression without pronouns

16. Cena, decens, post cenam, present and perfect tense I

17. Cena, animal ferox, Metella et Melissa, present and perfect tense II

18. Final Exam

Instructional Approach
Methods Notes
Formal lecture  
Group discussion  
Problem-based learning 學生個別或團體比較拉丁文與歐文的關連
Grading assessment
Methods Percentage Notes
Midterm Exam 30 %  
Final exam 40 %  
Presentation 30 %  
Required and Recommended Texts/Readings with References





Combridge Latin Course, Unit 1, North American 4th ed.

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