National Taiwan Normal University Course Outline
Spring , 2024

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I.Course information
Serial No. 1437 Course Level Undergraduate
Course Code CLU1022 Chinese Course Name 華人英文名著選讀
Course Name Selected Readings of Chinese English Literature
Department Department of Chinese as a Second Language
Two/one semester 1 Req. / Sel. Sel.
Credits 3.0 Lecturing hours Lecture hours: 3
Prerequisite Course
Course Description
Day & Class Period/Location Wed. 6-8 Main Jeng 402A
Curriculum Goals Corresponding to the Departmental Core Goal
1. Appreciation of Chinese literature and its translation College:
【Program of Applied Chinese Language and Culture】
 1-1 Knowledge about Chinese literature and Chinese culture.
 1-2 Knowledge about overseas Chinese.
2. Comparison of Chinese cultures and others. College:
【Program of Applied Chinese Language and Culture】
 3-1 Have an international perspective and a cross-cultural literacy.
3. Development of the ability for teamwork and communication. College:
【Program of Applied Chinese Language and Culture】
 4-2 Be able to engage in collaborative learning.

II. General Syllabus
Instructor(s) Tu,Chao-Mei/ 杜昭玫





Course introduction



My Country and My People



My Country and My People

Assignment 1


Joy Luck Club



Joy Luck Club



Fifth Chinese Daughter

Assignment 2


Fifth Chinese Daughter



The Woman Warrior



The Woman Warrior



Short analysis



Dream of Red Chamber

Assignment 3


Dream of Red Chamber



Shifu, You'll Do Anything for a Laugh: A Novel



Hong Kong Trilogy



Hong Kong Trilogy

Assignment 4


Soul Mountain



Instructional Approach
Methods Notes
Formal lecture Lecture on the historical and cultural background of the literature in discussion and the literary techniques involve for its representation.
Group discussion Discussion among the instructor and the students about the literature and translation, as well as the cultural background represented in the pieces in discussion
Cooperative learning  
Grading assessment
Methods Percentage Notes
Assignments 40 % 4 assignments that analyze any of the literary works and translations in discussion
Class discussion involvement 15 % group discussion and engagement
Attendances 10 %  
Presentation 15 % anslysis
other: 20 % Oral presentation
Required and Recommended Texts/Readings with References

Gao, Xingjian. 2001. Soul Mountain. New York: Harper Perennial.

Huynh, Thomas. 2008. The Art of War:  Spirituality for Conflict: Annotated &Explained. Nashville, TN: SkyLightPaths.

Kingston, MaxineHong. 1976. The WomanWarrior . New York: Vintage International.

Lin, Yutang. 1936. MyCountry and My People.London: William and Heinemann.

Mo,Yan. 2012. Shifu, You'll Do Anything fora Laugh: A Novel .  New York: Arcade Publishing.

Shih,Shu-Ching. 2005. City of the Queen: A Novel of Colonial Hong Kong (Modern ChineseLiterature from Taiwan) .New York: Columbian University Press.

Tan, Amy. 2016. The Joy Luck Club: A Novel. New York: Penguin Books.

Wong, Jade Snow. 2019. Fifth Chinese Daughter.Seattle, WA: University of Washington Press.

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