National Taiwan Normal University Course Outline
Fall , 2022

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I.Course information
Serial No. 1405 Course Level Master
Course Code IWM0059 Chinese Course Name 中小企業人力資源專題研究
Course Name Special Topic on Human Resources in Small and Medium Enterprises Business
Department Graduate Institute of International Human Resource Development
Two/one semester 1 Req. / Sel. Sel.
Credits 3.0 Lecturing hours Lecture hours: 3
Prerequisite Course ◎1. This course is not available for undergraduate students. 2. If the listed course is a doctoral level course, it is only available for PhD students.
Course Description
Time / Location Mon. 2-4 Main 93-01
Curriculum Goals Corresponding to the Departmental Core Goal
1. 使學員瞭解中小企業所面臨的內外環境,以及其對於人力資源策略以及實務運作的影響。 Master:
 1-1 Sensibility to Globalized Human Resource Issues
 1-2 Knowledge of Human Resource Theories and Practical Applications
 1-3 Knowledge of Organizational Diagnostics, and Employee Counseling
 2-1 Professional Skills of Recruitment, Selection, Training, Staffing, Retention, and Organizational Development
 2-2 Ability to Conduct Effective Cross-cultural Communication
 3-1 Passion for Developing Human Resource Profession
 3-2 Tendency toward Collaborative Innovation in an Organization
 3-3 Acuity and Compatibility for Cultural Differences
 4-1 Job Integrity and Law-Abiding Spirit

II. General Syllabus
Instructor(s) Lin,Yi-Chun/ 林怡君

一、          教學目標:




Instructional Approach
Methods Notes
Group discussion  
Problem-based learning  
Case studies  
Grading assessment
Methods Percentage Notes
Class discussion involvement 30 %  
Attendances 20 %  
Case study reports 50 %  
Required and Recommended Texts/Readings with References Marks, G. (2006). Streetwise small business book of lists: Hundreds of lists to help you reduce costs, increase revenues, and boost your profits. Avon, MA: Adams Media.


Strass, S. D. (2004). The small business bible: Everything you need to know to succeed in your small business. Hobolcen, NJ: Wiley.