National Taiwan Normal University Course Outline
Fall , 2021

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I.Course information
Serial No. 0914 Course Level Undergraduate
Course Code LSU0056 Chinese Course Name 機率導論
Course Name Theory of Probability
Department Undergraduate Program of Learning Sciences
Two/one semester 1 Req. / Sel. Req.
Credits 3.0 Lecturing hours Lecture hours: 3
Prerequisite Course
Course Description
Time / Location Mon. 2-4 Main 34-07
Curriculum Goals Corresponding to the Departmental Core Goal
1. 機率定理的基本知識 College:
 1-1 To possess the domain knowledge and professional skills in learning sciences
2. 應用所學到的知識處理機率問題  

II. General Syllabus
Instructor(s) Li,Liang-Yi/ 李良一



  1. 課程介紹及機率簡介
  2. Combinatorial Analysis
  3. Axioms of Probability
  4. Conditional Probability and Independence(1)
  5. Conditional Probability and Independence(2)
  6. Random variables(1)
  7. Random variables(2)
  8. 期中考(範圍為期中考前的所有內容)
  9. Random variables(3)
  10. Continuous random variables(1)
  11. Continuous random variables(2)
  12. Continuous random variables(3)
  13. Jointly distributed random variables(1)
  14. Jointly distributed random variables(2)
  15. Jointly distributed random variables(3)
  16. 期末考(範圍為期末考前的所有內容)



Lecturing Methodologies
Methods Notes
Formal lecture 老師講授自編教材及教科書內容。 老師除了教室講授外,也會將部分講授內容錄製成教學影片讓學生在線上學習系統觀看。
Group discussion 對於需深入學習及思考的內容,老師會在上課或線上進行討論活動。
Problem-based learning 老師會在上課時給予學生學習單或在課後給予作業,學習單及作業內容為機率問題,學生需找出解法。
Media, audio, visual materials 使用線上學習系統進行作業繳交、線上討論及其他線上教學活動
Grading assessment
Methods Percentage Notes
Assignments 40 % 完成老師指定的作業/學習單,自主學習作業
Midterm Exam 25 % 期中考前老師上課的內容
Final exam 25 % 期末考前老師上課的內容
Attendances 10 % 學生出席的次數、課堂討論參與及線上活動參與的積極度
Required and Recommended Texts/Readings with References

1.    自編教材
2.    Ross, S. (2014), A First Course in Probability, 9th edition, Pearson Education Limited.