National Taiwan Normal University Course Outline
Spring , 2019

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I.Course information
Serial No. 0921 Course Level
Course Code LSU0014 Chinese Course Name 資料視覺化
Course Name Data Visualization
Department Undergraduate Program of Learning Sciences
Two/one semester 1 Req. / Sel. Sel.
Credits 3.0 Lecturing hours Lecture hours: 3
Prerequisite Course
Course Description
Time / Location Thur. 2-4 Main 84-04
Curriculum Goals Corresponding to the Departmental Core Goal
1. 1. To understand backgrounds, history, and relevant theories of data visualization College:
 1-1 To possess the domain knowledge and professional skills in learning sciences
2. 2. To understand how to choose appropriate charts and figures to present results derived from different forms of data College:
 1-2 To integrate and apply relevant theories in learning sciences
3. 3. To use computer software to analyze data, interpret results, and present findings College:
 2-1 To equip with the ability to analyze and transform learning and information technologies to various contexts
 2-2 To possess the ability to earnestly retrieve and act to be attentive to social issues and information

II. General Syllabus
Instructor(s) 林宗進


1. 為什麼要資料視覺化

2. 資料視覺化的基本要素

3. 圖表製作的基本規則

4. 資料視覺化理論

5. 圖表的誤導與暗示

6. 當代資料視覺化技術

7. 資料視覺化工具Tableau操作


Instructional Approach
Methods Notes
Formal lecture 教師講述
Group discussion 小組討論
Lab/Studio 資料視覺化軟體操作
Case studies 期末專題
Grading assessment
Methods Percentage Notes
Assignments 15 % 不定時平時作業
Midterm Exam 25 % 期中報告
Class discussion involvement 20 % 課堂問題討論與每週出席狀況
Case study reports 40 % 期末專題成果展覽
Required and Recommended Texts/Readings with References

Practical Tableau: 100 Tips, Tutorials, and Strategies from a Tableau Zen Master 1st Edition

Getting Started with Tableau 2018.x: Get up and running with the new features of Tableau 2018 for impactful data visualization

Steele, J., & Iliinsky, N. (2010). Beautiful Visualization: Looking at Data through the Eyes of Experts. O'Reilly Media.